Post-Release Fall 2021

Making Money on Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity With Trends: Results of the 8th Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv

The eighth Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv took place on November 9, uniting the experienced traders, analysts, business pros, investors, company owners, lawyers and everyone interested in the development of the digital asset market in Ukraine and stable earnings on cryptocurrency.

The event was attended by 22 speakers. They analyzed the current state of the market, talked about the prospects for NFT tokens, cybersecurity and blockchain opportunities. During the conference, four panel discussions were held on the most relevant topics for the industry.

Thanks to speed dating, guests were able to meet each other, discuss the latest industry news and exchange contacts to continue cooperation afterwards.

The event was moderated by an experienced interviewer and presenter of crypto-events Eugene Romanenko.

Speakers at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv 2021

Alex Gnatenko, co-founder of Double Top investing community spoke about trends and ways to make money in cryptocurrency. The speaker raised issues of fundamental and technical analysis, farming pools, speculations and nodes.

Leading IT lawyer, partner at Nazar Polyvka explained how to explain the origin of funds from income in cryptocurrency. He named the conditions under which exchanges can block accounts, analyzed the norms of Ukrainian and international law.

The topic of using blockchain in the real economy was highlighted by the owner and founder of PM Partners Nazar Polyvka. The expert spoke about tokenization and smart contracts. He also expressed his opinion on how the digital microeconomics of an enterprise can increase business profitability.

Ian Khomenko, Chief Operating Officer at FRAGMA made a presentation on the topic “Paradigm shift in advertising. NFT, Web 3.0 and Metaverse”. He analyzed the online advertising market, its prospects and talked about meta-objects in digital content.

Guests were particularly interested in the report of the independent analyst and trader Ihor Porokh. He elaborated on the topic “Bitcoin at $14,000”. The expert spoke about financial micromatter and analyzed the role of a market maker in the cryptocurrency market.

Founder and CEO at Jan Robert Schutte shared trading and investment strategies. He explained when to buy and sell coins and why too much credit leverage should be avoided.

About panel discussions

The first discussion was dedicated to the discussion of the bill No. 3637 “On virtual assets”. Representatives of government agencies, business experts, lawyers took an active part:

  • Maksym Libanov and Yurii Boyko – members of National Securities and Stock Market Commission.

  • Leonid Khatskevych – Business Development Director at

  • Oleksiy Zhmerenetsky – Head of Blockchain4Ukraine, an inter-factional deputy association.

  • Artem Afian – Managing Partner at Juscutum law firm.

They reviewed the current situation on the virtual assets market, discussed the impact of the pandemic on the cryptoindustry in Ukraine and gave their predictions about the future of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

The topic of the second panel discussion was “Metaverse Economy: NFT + DeFi + DAO”. Its participants included:

  • Aleksey Chusov – Founder and CEO at First NFT Agency.

  • Aida Dzhangirova – Managing Partner at Blockchain Art.

  • Vadim Onishchenko – Founder and CEO at FRAGMA.

  • Vadym Hrusha –- CEO at Trustee Wallet cryptocurrency wallet.

During the discussion, they discussed how the economy of the metaverse works. Experts unveiled the specifics of DeFi gamification, DAO tools for communities in the new digital reality.

The next discussion was “Trading on crypto exchanges: What’s new” with the participants:

  • Semen Kaploushenko – CEO at Kuna cryptocurrency exchange service.

  • Sergey Marynychev – Senior Ambassador and Community Manager at ByBit.

  • Sergey Zhdanov – Director at EXMO cryptocurrency platform.

  • Ihor Porokh – independent analyst, trader.

Experts talked about trends in e-currency trading on crypto-exchanges in the current year and gave their forecasts for 2022.

The final discussion was dedicated to the topic of cybersecurity. Its participants featured specialists with many years of experience in government agencies and commercial organizations:

  • Yurii Melashchenko – CEO at Security Services Group.

  • Tatiana Dmytrenko – AML Advisor to the Blockchain Association of Ukraine.

  • Yevhenii Panchenko – Head of the Cyber-Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

The experts explained what to do in the event of a cryptocurrency theft and whether it makes sense to contact law enforcement agencies.

Event sponsors

Smile-Expo – organizer of the event thanks all sponsors for their colossal support. Without your help, the event would be less informative, useful and exciting. We are pleased to present:

  • General Sponsor FRAGMA, a global blockchain-based social network. It provides new opportunities for content monetization. Users can participate in various contests and receive bonuses for likes and views in the form of tokens.

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Demo zone exhibitor

Crypto Fund Group, Inc – a group of companies registered in the USA became a participant of the demo zone. It is planning to launch Bitcoin Crypto Casino, which is already traded on the Singapore-based Alterdice exchange with its tokens.

The company takes care of investors and guarantees the safety of investments. In the event of malware breach or other unforeseen situation, Bitcoin Bets Chips (BBC) owners can easily recover their assets.

We would like to thank all sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, informational partners and guests for their interest in the event. See you at the ninth Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv!