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Bitcoin Conference Kiev: it was a crowded, stuffy, large scale and exciting event

On September 24, 2015, Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Center in Kiev hosted a unique profile event – Bitcoin Conference Kiev, where the hottest topics on cryptocurrency on the Ukrainian and world markets were discussed. The Event organizer Smile-Expo Company thanks all guests and participants of the conference who despite 30 degrees in late September, unexpected delays, a lot of people and stuffiness have managed to conduct a really cool event being discussed by the Bitcoin community of Ukraine and Europe.

The scale of the Bitcoin Conference Kiev is simply breath-taking. The conference began according to the scheduled program, though with a slight delay due to the huge queues at the entrance. Within the first section dedicated to the issue of "Bitcoin: a financial pyramid or a coin of the future?", the following speakers delivered their reports:

  • Mikhail Chobanyan spoke on the theme: "Bitcoin in Ukraine. Activity of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine";

  • Maksim Krupyshev spoke about the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as a whole;

  • Viktor Ignatyuk talked about how the blockchain would finally lead the world to the economy of exchange and change the consumption patterns.

Upon completion of performances of the first speakers, there was a round table with the participation of a representative of the NBU Natalia Lapko, who noted that Ukraine would not prohibit Bitcoin. Her opinion has proved that the authorities are open to the dialogue and ready for the introduction of modern technology, supporting innovative trends and changes in the structure and relationships in the financial sector of the state.

Further the program of Bitcoin Conference Kiev involved the separation of the hall into 2 conferences held simultaneously. In the first hall for beginners, the following speakers delivered their reports:

  • Alexander Vasilchenko, Mycelium SA;

  • Dmitry Pershin, EPAM Systems;

  • Oleg Kudrenko, independent Bitcoin developer;

  • Amin Rafi, Coins Source;

  • Stanislav Podyachev,;

  • Nazar Polyvka, JSC "Yuskutum";

  • Anton Bogdanovich, Jurimex and Bitlex.

The speech of Marco Streng (Genesis Mining) sparked a furor. The guests had a lot of questions that arose as a result of his report. Gennady Balashov ("5.10") intrigued by his ambiguous and peculiar statements and theses.

Between performances of the speakers, there was a presentation of such start-ups as Sofast, SafeBand and BitX.

The second hall for professionals, which became a real "sensation" of the conference and generated an incredible interest among the guests of the event, hosted the following speakers:

  • Alexander Shelkovnikov, Deloitte UK;

  • Marina Guryev, Cyber.Fond;

  • Yuri Vlasenko, National Depository of Ukraine;

  • Alex Konashevich, Liga: Zakon;

  • Alexander Karpov, EMA;

  • Sergei Skabelkin, Fidobank;

  • Sergei Shatsky, NBU;

  • David Kiziria, Innovation and Development Foundation;

  • Ivan Kondilenko, CASEXE.

Each block of the conference ended with thematic panel discussions on above mentioned topics.

The organizers express huge gratitude to the moderators of Bitcoin Conference Kiev – Maksim Krupyshev and Viktor Ignatyuk, who helped maintain the proper mood and set the pace throughout the event.

After the official part of the conference, there was the promised adventurous competition held by Bit-X among all the participants and guests of the event. The main prize was a flight in a helicopter, which took place immediately after Bitcoin Conference Kiev.

In general, the conference was attended by over 500 guests from Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and the UK. And Marco Streng noted that this event was much bigger and better than those ones that took place in France and the Netherlands.

Bitcoin Conference Kievhas become a high-profile international event and confirmed the fact that Ukraine has the largest Bitcoin community throughout Europe.

We are grateful to all our sponsors and partners for their assistance in carrying out such large-scale event. Special thanks to Bit-X, Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine, Finance.UA, KO, Prostobank Consulting, and many others.

All presentations, videos and photos will be available in a short time on the website and social networks.

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