To the attention of developers: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev program

To the attention of developers: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev program

Practice, practice, error analysis and Blockchain Battle. And practice once again.

All these activities will be available for beginners and professional blockchain developers at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev on September 23, 2016.

Detailed program of the event

With business people and beginners in the field of cryptocurrency discussing their topics of interest in the neighboring halls, we will delve into the code. Speakers (they are teachers as well) will give classes on the creation of serverless apps and smart contracts on the basis of Ethereum and Lisk, and analyze common errors as well. The latter will be of great importance in the light of situation with The DAO and the Ethereum hard fork.

Miners and all those interested in the field will be able to attend lectures on mining station assembling and adjustment.

We will compare various blockchains. Who is going to win: Bitcoin/Ethereum/NXT/BitShares/DASH? Developers will present their blockchain-based projects, and the audience will choose the best one.

We will also discuss the issue of cybersecurity: What was wrong with The DAO and Bitfinex? Which errors should beginner developers avoid?

Moderator of the stream is Andrey Zamovskiy, Bitcoin enthusiast and founder of Ambisafe. He hopes to meet a lot of fresh faces in the audience. “We believe that the conference will inspire people to make cryptocurrencies and blockchain their core activity and not just a hobby”, he said.

Alongside with Andrey Zamovskiy, the conference participants will include Michael Chobanian, the founder of KUNA Bitcoin Agency, Max Krupyshev, the co-founder of Cubits, and other Ukrainian and foreign speakers.

Registration is going on full swing. One month is left.

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