The social network should be developed in a way to make users come back and bring friends – head of Litenett Aleksey Karpov

The social network should be developed in a way to make users come back and bring friends – head of Litenett Aleksey Karpov

Over two years, the number of users of the music portal has surpassed 2.5 million and soon another 3.5 million should join it. It is reported by the founder and head of the European multi-media platform Litenett Aleksey Karpov. In the shotgun interview for Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv, he tells how the idea of Litenett emerged, what the project has achieved, and whether it is difficult to compete in the market. 

The multi-media social platform Litenett will become a participant of the exhibition area of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv on September 19 and will present its project to guests of the event. 

Interviewer: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv (BCK).

Respondent: Aleksey Karpov (A.K.).

BCK: How did the idea of emerge? 

А.К.: After the realization of our first project – a music platform – we had to decide on the following questions:

• How to deal with competitors?

• How to retain users?

• How to make them come back every day? 

We had two options: to invest funds and regularly buy traffic or create conditions for the user to come back and bring friends. In such a way, we started to work on new functions basing on user preferences. 

BCK: What are the advantages of the decentralized payment system over its centralized analog? 

А.К.: The advantages are obvious: ease of use, security and transparency of deals. 

BCK: What achievements has the product gained? 

А.К.: The first version of the music portal has been functioning for almost two years. Over this time, we have gathered 2.5 million users and subscribers. We have also made an agreement to team up with the third-party service, which will bring us 3.5 million more users. The new version of the project is almost ready: the beta version of has been launched. We are planning to launch the full version of the Litenett network by the beginning of 2019. 

BCK: What is the target audience of

А.К.: We primarily target the European and English-speaking audience. The fact that we will pay rewards for advertising and subscribers will give us an advantage and bring popularity all over the world.  

BCK: Is the competition high in this area? 

А.К.: Very high. However, the history and our researches show that there are always people that are looking for something new. Recollect how Instagram gathered hundreds of millions of users in record terms. We want to repeat this success.  

BCK: What is the hardest thing in the development of Litenett? 

А.К.: Currently, there are no difficulties except for the search for financing. It makes us distracted from the project development, which is of course more interesting. The most difficult part is ahead.

BCK: As a participant of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv, what do you expect from the event? 

А.К.: Undoubtedly, we primarily aim to find investors, but it is also important for us to present our project successfully and receive the feedback from the audience. 

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