Results of the most interesting altcoin contest: from pension cryptocurrency to emotions monetization

Results of the most interesting altcoin contest: from pension cryptocurrency to emotions monetization

The contest for the best idea for a cryptocurrency development is over. Congratulations to the three winners who receive full access tickets to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv! The organizer of the event, Smile-Expo, provides the rest of the participants with the prize as well: a 50% discount for registration, and tickets to the exhibition area.

Everyone can come up with his own cryptocurrency! it was proved by the participants of the contest for the most interesting altcoin, who sent their original ideas. Each of them was interesting and unusual in its own way, so it was extremely difficult to choose winners. However, authors of the three best ideas for creating their own altcoin are:

• Dmitriy Seline, who offered Stepcoin. This coin is designed to popularize the active way of life: with the help of smart bracelet and smartphone you can count the number of steps and with their help to receive a reward in cryptocurrency. It is designed for athletes, doctors, companies producing sports goods.
• Anatoliy Ostafiychuk with PGUA. This altcoin is an official pension cryptocurrency, backed by the national currency of Ukraine – the hryvnia. The pension cryptocurrency fund is formed due to state deductions in the amount of 5-10%.
• Yuriy Dubok, author of feel coin. This cryptocurrency is designed to monetize emotions and moods of people on the Internet: likes, shears, comments, reviews and pluses. It is used as a reward for bloggers, authors of articles, as well as a standard in popular social networks.

The organizer expresses its gratitude to everyone who took part in the contest. We are sure that with such potential and scope of ideas, high-quality blockchain projects will soon conquer the world!

Do you want to learn more about the prospects of the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain technology? We are waiting for you at the international crypto event Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv on September 19: the event will be held in the capital of Ukraine on the territory of the Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Center.

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