Cyber Hygiene Rules and Ways to Securely Store Virtual Assets: Panel Discussion at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv 2021

Cyber Hygiene Rules and Ways to Securely Store Virtual Assets: Panel Discussion at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv 2021

What is cybersecurity and why is it important for cryptocurrency owners? What can be the consequences of neglecting online safety rules? And what to do if the virtual assets are stolen?

Relevant matters about ensuring cybersecurity in the crypto sphere will be addressed on May 25 at a panel discussion at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv 2021. Experts in the field of blockchain and fintech development, as well as representatives of niche companies and the cyber police of Ukraine will participate in the activity.

Discussion topic: “Cyber security in crypto environment: Protection and storage of digital assets”

The speakers will cover the following issues:

  • what is cybersecurity and why it is important for everyone who uses virtual assets;

  • possible damage from non-compliance with cybersecurity rules;

  • key rules of cybersecurity and cyber hygiene for users of virtual assets and the most common mistakes that lead to the loss of money;

  • vulnerability of centralized solutions to which users transfer private keys;

  • configuration of equipment to ensure cybersecurity;

  • what to do if virtual assets are stolen;

  • opportunities and limitations of the state in the field of cybercrimes.

Panel discussion participants will include:

  • Kseniya Zhytomyrska – CTO at Trustee Wallet;

  • Slava Demchuk – CEO and co-founder of AMLBot, AMLSafe;

  • Yevhenii Panchenko – Head of the Analytical Support and Operations Department at the Cyber-Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine, consultant on cyber hygiene issues at the OSCE;

  • Yurii Melashchenko – CEO at Security Services Group;

  • Alex Fisun – co-founder of Global Ledger.

The panel discussion will be useful for owners of blockchain companies, miners, IT specialists, business professionals, founders of specialized startups, crypto enthusiasts and everyone who uses virtual currencies and wants to know about its safe storage.

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