Mike Brusov: “ICO investors are hardly protected from fraud”

Mike Brusov: “ICO investors are hardly protected from fraud”

Investors are hardly protected from startups’ dishonest behavior during ICOs, according to Mike Brusov, an IT entrepreneur with experience in launching SaaS platforms and Big Data companies.

On October 12, he will speak at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev on the topic: Venture investments vs. ICO.


Mike Brusov has been engaged in supporting technological companies for eight years. He is a co-founder of Startup Leadership Program, a global platform for startup chiefs in New York and Moscow, and the founder of Cindicator, a company developing hybrid intelligence technologies for financial management.


Mike Brusov explains that ICOs require the regulation that won’t restrict development prospects but will encourage them.

“A proper regulation of the ICO market will attract medium and big investors. It will increase transparency of operations and provide investors with necessary protection. Currently, investors, unfortunately, are hardly protected from dishonest ICOs,” the speaker says.

Mike Brusov believes that the venture market is most developed in the USA now, but nevertheless, ICOs can be more profitable for startups.

“Both venture financing culture and common business culture are highly developed in the USA. There are strategists who regularly acquire young technological companies, providing multiple return on investments. But, despite this fact, startups can raise more funds using ICOs,” he states.

Within his presentation at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev, Mike Brusov will discuss features of various fundraising approaches for technological startups. He will share his personal experience at Cindicator that has passed the acceleration program in New York and attracted several rounds of financing from venture funds.


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