Fork of Bitcoin website and Telegram’s lawsuit: main events in the blockchain field of the week

Fork of Bitcoin website and Telegram’s lawsuit: main events in the blockchain field of the week

A fork of has been launched, Ethereum simplifies wallet addresses, and the founder of KUNA crypto exchange is blacklisted. Read about these and other events that happened in the crypto industry over the last week.

Simplified addresses for Ethereum wallets

Ethereum Name Service, which allows Ethereum users to replace long wallet addresses with names that are more readable, announced partnership with Minds + Machines Group. Now users will have a possibility to register and tie their wallets to the top-level domain .luxe.

Instead of addresses like [email protected]/g8wdfhi37, users will be able to use convenient names like

The change is expected to simplify the access to digital assets, smart contracts, and decentralized apps.

Fork of Bitcoin website

Bitcoin enthusiasts have launched a fork of the famous portal. Users can join the new website about Bitcoin called

Creators of the new website state that the step was undertaken because ceased to be unbiased. According to them, its owners sometimes took one-sided management decisions that were not supported by the community of the portal.

The new website will become a neutral information resource fully dedicated to Bitcoin and its use. It will resemble, but there will be no advertising, no donation section, and no section about Bitcoin Core, no Events page, and a part of Java scripts, Cookies, and Google Analytics tracker was deleted.

Founder of crypto exchange blacklisted

Founder of crypto exchange Mikhail Chobonyan reported that Ukrainian bank institutions Alfa Bank, the First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB), and Credit Agricole Bank refused him service.

According to Mikhail, he tried to transfer funds to his card of Alfa Bank, but could not do it, as the transaction was declined. The bank notified Mikhail that he was blacklisted, and for this reason, his account was not serviced anymore. Later the same situation happened with Credit Agricole Bank.

Mikhail Chobonyan said that he found out that the FUIB initiated a criminal case against him. However, he was not invited to an examination or court sessions.

Dollar is a real scam

Financial expert and author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book Robert Kiyosaki stated that cryptocurrencies and precious metals would replace fiat in the future.

He thinks that there are three types of money: people’s money, government’s money, and god’s money. The latter is gold and silver, government’s money is fiat, and people’s money is cryptocurrency, in his opinion.

Robert Kiyosaki believes that precious metals and cryptocurrencies are a toaster, and the US dollar is a toast that should be taken out.

“The US dollar is a scam. I think we are watching the end of the dollar,” shares his opinion Robert Kiyosaki.

All rise for the court!

The European Union Intellectual Property Office has planned to examine the claim of Telegram Messenger Inc against Lantah LLC for the GRAM trademark rights.

Telegram Messenger Inc submitted the application for registering the GRAM trademark in April this year. However, Lantah LLC filed the same application in June – the team states that they have been using this trademark before they learned about Telegram’s plans.

According to representatives of Telegram, Lantah wants to make money from selling tokens with the same name.

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