Dmitriy Kryshtal: “Following the ICO introduction, venture funds pulled up their socks”

Dmitriy Kryshtal: “Following the ICO introduction, venture funds pulled up their socks”

Venture funds have felt a strong competition after ICO increasing popularity, but they are afraid to invest in tokens, considering such investments insufficiently safe. This is the opinion of Dmitriy Kryshtal.

On October 12, he will be a speaker and moderator of the ICO section at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev. His presentation will be dedicated to practical advice for those preparing for an ICO.


Dmitriy Kryshtal has been leading the marketing aspect in cryptocurrency trading, consulting, SMM, and restaurant business. He has ICO launching experience.


Dmitriy Kryshtal believes that the ICO sector will face new players with the emergence of an efficient solution for cryptocurrency assets insurance.

“Following the ICO introduction, venture funds pulled up their socks. However, the ICO sector is not safe enough for them to invest in. Some funds even consider tokensale a pyramid scheme. Nonetheless, as soon as the market presents the efficient solution for digital assets insurance, the ICO industry will face a lot of positive changes,” the speaker says.

According to him, the cryptocurrency market is pretty volatile now, and this fact is used not only by traders but also by governments for speculative benefits.

“Currently, there is a full anarchy in the cryptocurrency world. Weak projects are raising millions of dollars because investors are interested in easy money and speculations. For instance, let’s see the cryptocurrency assets regulation in China: once the government banned something, the cryptocurrency rate plummeted. Is it coincidence?” Dmitriy Kryshtal commented on.

Speaking at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev, Dmitriy Kryshtal will provide business representatives, preparing for ICO launching, with practical advice. Besides, in conclusion, he will present a new project being under development.


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