BTC goes down while Ethereum enters the second development stage – week’s top crypto events

BTC goes down while Ethereum enters the second development stage – week’s top crypto events

As the British researchers reported, using cryptocurrencies in shops will become commonplace in 10 forthcoming years. Meanwhile, Google’s Co-Founder revealed the cryptocurrency he mines. Read our week’s digest from Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv about these and other hot news in the crypto industry.

Bitcoin Core’s developer recorded cases of attacks on cryptocurrency holders

Jameson Lopp has created a database enlisting the real cases of violence towards cryptocurrency holders. He mentioned the incidents initiated by criminals and even law enforcement authorities.

The base is filled with the cases of blackmailing, theft from crypto ATMs, and mining equipment stealing. The expert also mentioned a scandal search of dwelling of ForkLog Founder Anatoly Kaplan in Odesa by the Security Service of Ukraine and kidnapping of the main analyst at the cryptocurrency exchange EXMO Pavel Lerner in Kyiv.

The completed list comprises 28 cases starting from 2014. According to Jameson Lopp, 10 of them happened within the recent half a year. Bitcoin Core’s developer himself also suffered: in 2017, his house was attacked by the United States Army Special Forces due to a false anonymous alarm.

Co-Founder of Google mines Ethereum

At Blockchain Summit in Morocco, a Co-Founder at Google Sergey Brin revealed that he mines Ethereum.

He outlined astounding prospects of the DLT that remained niche ideas for a long time. Sergey Brin also added that development of crypto technologies is a primary task. He was particularly pleased with Zcash’s zero knowledge proof’ widespread use.

British scientists: cryptocurrencies will become a fully-fledged payment means in 10 years

According to the analysis of the social investment platform eToro and experts from Imperial College London, cryptocurrency will become a mainstream payment solution in the forthcoming years.

The researchers published the results in the report Cryptocurrencies: Overcoming Barriers to Trust and Adoption. It states that cryptocurrencies will be a widely adopted payment means if they serve as a unit of exchange, accumulation, storage, and payment.

Cryptocurrencies are currently good at accumulation, though other functions are still to be improved. In particular, the question of scalability should be solved and a user interface needs to be enhanced.

BTC went lower than $6500

This week, we witnessed a dramatic drop in the value of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. As far as the night of July 10, its price was $6800, and in the morning, it started gradually falling down.

At the end of the day, Bitcoin was estimated at $6400 having lost 6% of its price. CoinDesk’s analysts expect the world’s first cryptocurrency to reach $6000 though there aren’t any visible changes on the market.

Previously, experts noted that Bitcoin needs to surge over $7000 to become a stable cryptocurrency.

Ethereum’s Founder announces the second development stage of the cryptocurrency

Joseph Lubin has officially announced the end of Ethereum’s first development stage. The expert also promised that this year the ecosystem would enter the second stage expanding the possibilities of blockchain use.

Ethereum can now become a basis to second tier platforms and conducting transactions on them. One of such examples is Plasma developed for Ethereum scaling.

Joseph Lubin also noted that blockchain tech needs the establishment of the regulatory framework. At the Rise conference in Hong Kong, the expert told that the legal basis would propel the development of the crypto market.

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