Bitcoin Conference Kiev: Summary of Cryptocurrency Conference

Bitcoin Conference Kiev: Summary of Cryptocurrency Conference

What is Bitcoin? How to earn on this and why Ukraine has all chances to become a global center of Bitcoin community? These question have been answered at the 1st Ukrainian theme conference devoted to the “currency of the future” – Bitcoin Conference Kiev.

On September 26, 2014, Ukrainian capital hosted Bitcoin Conference Kiev, the first virtual currency event in the history of our industry. The Hall of Champions in NSC Olimpiyskiy gathered about 170 Bitcoin enthusiasts and leading Ukrainian and foreign speakers.
The first Ukrainian Bitcoin conference has been cheered by Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine (BFU) representatives – Mikhail Chobanyan and Andrey Dubetskiy:

Finally, this event has happened! BFU is very excited that Ukraine has a theme event for everyone interested in Bitcoin for business. We’re happy that this industry is developing in Ukraine at such rapid speed and we’re sure that Bitcoinis going to become stronger in the future”.

Ukraine is one of the best five countries in the world when it comes to the quantity and education of IT specialists, that’s why it’s not surprising that the country is one of the leaders of the number of Bitcoin businessmen.
The information from the Conference specialists stated that about 236,000 Ukrainians are using digital currency. And according to research, this positive growth dynamics is going to promote Bitcoin in Ukraine.
Maksim Krupyshev, Bitcoin enthusiast and Fruitwallet start-up representative, has been a moderator of Bitcoin Conference Kiev.

The main points of discussion at the Conference have been the following:

•    Bitcoin: financial pyramid of money of the future?
•    purchase-sell, or how does Bitcoin operate;
•    mining;
•    safety – what you need to do to save your bitcoins;
•    business – how Bitcoin can influence your business;
•    investment;
•    legal aspects of Bitcoin and its operation.

Kyiv Conference has become a floor for mining, as visitors could find out about creating bitcoins live – companies demonstrated special equipment for Bitcoin mining in promo-zone.
Also, there was a terminal for purchasing cryptocurrency for cash from the first Ukrainian Bitcoin agency - KUNA Bitcoin Agency.
In general, there were 12 exclusive presentations during the Conference that led to lots of interesting questions from the audience.

Speakers who provided detailed presentations about Bitcoin:

  • Andrey Dubetskiy, Bitcoin enthusiast, co-founder of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine;
  • Pаvel Sidelov, CTO at ZenAssets, PayPlug.In, Head of Ukrainian electronic business association;
  • Dmitriy Chuyko, founder and CEO of FUEC cryptocurrency exchanger;
  • Mаriya Salnikova, analyst at FOREX CLUB;
  • Joshua Zipkin, CEO at Advancedminers (USA);
  • Oleg Kudrenko, independent Bitcoin developer;
  • Mikhail Chobanyan, founder of Kuna bitcoin agency;
  • Natalia Revenko, Business Development Director at Offshore Pro Group in CIS;
  • Stanislav Podyachev, project, Director at Acredit;
  • Vyacheslav Ustimenko, СEO at law and consulting company LAWBOOT;
  • Andrey Kolodyuk, managing partner and founder of AVentures Capital;
  • Artem Afayan, lawyer, managing partner at Yuskutum.

Bitcoin is more than just money, it’s a unique ecosystem”, said the first Conference speaker, Andrey Dubetskiy, who told about the state of Bitcoin in Ukraine.

Interesting facts about Bitcoin risks and how this Internet currency could compete with conventional money, have been a topic of Pavel Sidelov’s presentation. The specialist answered quite a lot of questions about Bitcoin practical application, particularly, in banking.

It’s worth mentioning that first section has also included roundtable discussion “What does the cryptocurrency need to become the main system of settlements”, which involved busy talks between Conference visitors and participating specialists.
The theme of Bitcoin prospects, risks and purchasing-selling mechanisms have slowly led visitors to one of the chief event topics: mining. American entrepreneur Joshua Zipkin presented his ideas of the state of modern mining industry.

“If you decided to try mining, that probably could be a bad idea”, said Joshua jokingly, telling about the increasing complexity of the process (each two weeks) and uncertainty of the industry, though mentioning the profitability of this business.

Everyone enjoyed presentation of Andrey Kolodyuk, managing partner and founder of AVentures Capital. The specialist told about the specifics of investing in Bitcoin projects and things that attract Bitcoin investments.

Today, advantages of Bitcoin are evident: it attracts major market operators; it’s the universal global currency with low cost transactions, instant cash-out, funds control and high level of anonymity. That’s why organizer team is sure that Bitcoin popularity in Ukraine will only increase.

Bitcoin Conference Kiev is a great impulse for attracting attention to Bitcoin in Ukraine”, Andrey Dubetskiy said to journalists.
That’s why Bitcoin Conference Kiev is not going to rest on its success! Taking into account great excitement of the event, the Conference is going to become annual!

Organizers thank all participants, visitors and partners and hope for further cooperation and meeting next year. All information about Bitcoin Conference Kiev will be available at the official website:

Meanwhile, Saint-Petersburg will become a next meeting place for Bitcoin community. Here, on December 4, 2014, next Bitcoin Conference will take place. The Conference will gather most remarkable industry representatives, famous specialists, and cryptocurrency market gurus, lawyers, foreign experts, who would be happy to share their experience and present best cases of working with Bitcoin.

See you there!

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