Best cloud mining services in 2018

Best cloud mining services in 2018

Cloud mining started gaining popularity in 2015, and now is one of the most frequently used services for cryptocurrency mining. Cloud mining can be compared to a bank deposit. All you need is to find a reliable investment platform.

What is cloud mining?

A usual way of cryptocurrency mining by means of private technical resources is becoming more expensive. By the way, you needed one powerful computer in 2009 and now only mining farm can bring profits. In most cases, it is costly and non-effective since the equipment is nor cheap and power expenses are high (especially, in some countries). Moreover, the ‘older’ the cryptocurrency is, the less rewarding mining becomes. At the same time, requirements to capacity are increasing at breakneck speed.

Cloud mining is a way of cryptocurrency mining implying the work of computers owned by large companies. It means that you rent computational capacity of third-party firms fully equipped with needed hardware (data centers). Sure, you first have to invest in cloud mining but expenses are considerably lower than special equipment and its maintenance.

All in all, what are advantages of cloud mining in 2018? Here are at least six of them:

  • No fuss around expensive equipment and its maintenance.
  • Low power expenses.
  • No noise.
  • No need to configure software.
  • The majority of resources offer different multiple coins to mine.
  • High revenue that may raise by 400%.

Companies offering capacity for cloud mining also gain profit. At first, they get money from users right on the spot. A company can buy necessary equipment and cover power expenses. Secondly, cloud mining gives them an opportunity to earn more.

Unfortunately, increasing popularity of cloud mining attracts more and more fraudsters. Those fake services that collect money as specially established mining platforms are called hypes. Learn the information about a resource you are interested in not to fall into the clutches of scam.

Best cloud mining services in 2018

Necessary characteristics of a reliable platform for cloud mining:

  • highly rated in the previous year
  • high revenue, regular payoff (no moon promises)
  • a possibility to establish a deposit account;
  • service backup, contact info;
  • a profitability calculator.

Here is a list of five best outfits for cloud mining in 2018.

  • Hashflare

One of the most reliable and proven resources. It allows to establish annual contracts, mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and Dash. One can earn about 200% a year. The outfit singles out by its user-friendly and simple interface.

  • Genesis Mining

It is a frequent payoff, positive feedback and steady work on the market that have made this service one of the most popular. Its other advantages include data centers, discounts and five cryptocurrencies to mine.

  • Hashing24

Unlike other services, here you can mine bitcoin only. Instead, the resource has had an established market presence since 2012 and is still rated among the most reliable outfits. It leverages capacity of third-party data centers, which does not influence its functionality. You can also use a demo mode to see how much you might earn.

  • KikoHash

Established in 2016, this cloud-based outfit works on home technical resources located in Island. You can mine Ethereum and Zcash. It requires a low fee for money withdrawal.

  • Eobot

U. S.-based service that has been flawlessly operating since 2012. You can mine up to 19 coins and establish contracts for 5 and more years. It has own cryptocurrency crane (an advertising resource allowing to earn little digital cash with no investment).


Cloud mining is a great chance to go for cryptocurrency mining without high investments. However, it requires carefulness and in-depth knowledge. Even the most reliable service is not worth investing all your savings. It’s safer and makes more sense to distribute resources among different platforms (as with bank deposits). You also have to figure out capacity and benefit: stable companies offer a special calculator.

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