Belarus and cryptocurrencies: to be or not to be?

Belarus and cryptocurrencies: to be or not to be?

Currency exchanges may appear in Belarus soon. It will be a reality on condition that the President signs the Decree ‘On the High Technologies Park’. According to the document, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and tokens will be introduced in circulation.

Besides, a cryptocurrency exchange is to be launched on the website Extrate at the beginning of 2018. It will be a place for trading with a national currency of the Republic of Belarus. Apart from conventional exchange and trading operations, users can also insert Belarusian rubles on the platform. The resource also has an electronic display with a countdown. It will operate until the start of trading.

Sergey Drobyshevsky, a partner of the project CryptoMarketing, commented on the prospects of the Belarusian cryptocurrency on the global market: ‘Today, we can have serious talks about our home cryptocurrency Smart Taler. The President’s approval of Decree may drive Belarus to top countries in this sphere.’


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