Alexey Antonov: “ICO marketing is similar to rock concert ticket sales”

Alexey Antonov: “ICO marketing is similar to rock concert ticket sales”

ICO marketing, unlike daily marketing, is similar to sales of tickets to the concert of a world-known rock band. This is the opinion of Alexey Antonov, a blockchain expert with ICO launching experience, whom we have talked to regarding blockchain technology marketing.

On October 12, he will speak at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev on the topic: Marketing of blockchain projects on the global market.


Alexey Antonov is a specialist in blockchain investments. He has launched several projects, including SONM startup. The speaker also runs the investment foundation for blockchain projects called Suicide Ventures.


Alexey believes that marketing of blockchain projects has its own features. For instance, there are several approaches to promotion with each of them being able to give different results.

“One should differentiate daily marketing and ICO marketing,” he explains, “The first one is similar to standard marketing of IT companies with the only exception: any news immediately influence token market value, especially when referring to projects with capitalization at least 100 million dollars. And ICO marketing is more like sales of tickets to the concert of a popular rock band than a startup PR campaign.”

Another feature of blockchain project marketing, according to Alexey Antonov, is the fact that ICO legislative regulation does not influence an advertising campaign.

“If project marketing aimed at the certain audience or territory is not treated as a penal activity, such an ICO government regulation has no impact on marketing. Obviously, if one is allowed to show advertising on TV, place posters on the streets and legally advertise in regional social media, it is much easier to promote a project,” the speaker thinks.

Speaking at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev, Alexey Antonov will explain special features of blockchain project marketing and share information on key mistakes of startup founders. He will also reveal the current market condition of blockchain startups and promotion of companies with high capitalization.


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