About us

Smile-Expo international company has been holding conferences, forums and exhibitions dedicated to innovations for 15 years. Events are organized in B2B and B2C segments.

We actively follow market trends, technological innovations and fresh directions in various areas. Having identified the most promising trends, our team organizes specialized events to tell about their potential to a wide audience, as well as to introduce market players to each other.

Smile-Expo is uniting experts from such areas as blockchain, artificial intelligence technologies, esports, online gaming, gambling, vaping and others. Over 15 years of operation, we have organized more than 260 events in 28 countries, attended by 380,000 guests.

Smile-Expo was the first company to conduct events dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since 2014, we have organized 50 Blockchain & Bitcoin Events in 25 countries.

We are moving forward to discover the innovative technologies potential for you!